The aim of my work is to help you uncover the wealth of treasures within you and invest them in a way that honours your values and ambitions

Ready For Change?

Do you feel any of the following sound relevant to you?
  • Do you have relationship issues?
  • Do you lack energy, have negative thoughts or feel frustrated?
  • Do you feel somehow disconnected to your life or unfulfilled?
  • Is anxiety or depression stopping you from getting the most out of life?
  • Are you finding it difficult to process your thoughts / feelings?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by little things? Do you feel lost?
  • Have you found yourself at a crossroad, lost or faced with redundancy?
  • Are you finding it a struggle just getting through the day?
  • Are you going through a separation, divorce or feel communication has broken down in your relationships?

If yes -  it is perhaps time to take control and counselling can help you do this.
How I can help you
Taking the first step is the hardest part of any journey and seeking help might be the first step for you. It can be very lonely in troubled times and hard to turn to family or friends, perhaps you feel they will not be able to understand. Sharing your personal world may be difficult to embark upon.
But in my experience, counselling may help you find your own answers, healing, growth or it may simply give you a huge sense of relief to share your troubles.

Whereas Counselling seeks to heal psychological or emotional issues, coaching can be seen as a way to optimize your life from a more stable ground. You may found yourself at a crossroads and perhaps you are feeling trapped, dissatisfied or full of energy but just not sure where to point it, personal coaching is about action and bridging the gulf between whom we are and where we want to be.
It may be that your needs fall somewhere within the spectrum between counselling and life coaching. I may propose an integrated approach for you - Personal Consultancy (Integrating Counselling & Coaching) which may assist you with the process of internal as well as external harmonisation and development within a safe and confidential environment.