The aim of my work is to help you uncover the wealth of treasures within you and invest them in a way that honours your values and ambitions

Latest Testimonials

'I contacted Myriam with severe anxiety and panic attacks. Myriam helped me understand the source of my problems and control my "triggers". She gave me the tools I needed to address the underlying issues in my life. I now feel more confident and strong enough to work on my problems on my own' - G. (Jul 18) / online counselling

'Working with Myriam has helped me to alter my thinking and behaviours, that were causing me much pain and despair. She worked alongside me in different approaches, to challenge my thinking and delve into the root of the pain. Myriam's approach is fantastic, she will make you feel comfortable and at ease when discussing such sensitive topics. In the end it never felt like going to counselling, but more like going to see one of my closest friends'. - Sima (Apr 17)

'My sessions with Myriam were very productive and cathartic. I learnt a lot about myself. By helping me understand why I had developed certain habits she helped me move forward more positively in my career and personal life.' - Rosie (Jun 16)

'Myriam brought me to understand what exactly was bubbling away under the surface of my anxiety and helped me to accept myself as who I am. Our sessions together made me feel safe and comfortable to express myself through different mediums, whether it be in vocal, art or writing form. After finishing our time together, I am much more confident and now have the knowledge of how to tackle my anxiety. Thank you Myriam' - Sarah (Apr 17)