The aim of my work is to help you uncover the wealth of treasures within you and invest them in a way that honours your values and ambitions

What to expect in Personal Coaching

I will encourage and enable you to identify your personal challenges, dreams and goals and work alongside you to help  you to support and achieve those aspirations. Our partnership will involve powerful questioning, tools and exercises to help you gain clarity, get unstuck and find joy in your life.

Sometime it is unclear what we specifically want in life. The first stage of our work together is to find out what you really want for yourself and to discover what has been holding you back – it might perhaps be limiting beliefs, old patterns, fears, etc.

Then you will create goals that are congruent with your personal values, your vision and life’s purpose - you are more likely to take actions to reach these goals.

You might stumble in the process and if a goal is not being achieved, usually it is because you might not actually want this goal or perhaps it might be some underlying issue which is holding you back - we can uncover together the root cause of the issue which we can address to help re-define the goal so it is compelling and easier to achieve.
An example of Personal Coaching can be as follows:
  • A 20-minute - Complimentary Coaching Consultation (telephone or Skype)
  • 60 to 90 minute – Develop a ‘working alliance’ first session face to face
  • One 30 to 60-minute phone/Skype call per week (session length depends on which programme)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Occasional brief check-in calls